I’m really sorry guys.

I’ve been wicked busy with work lately. How busy? I just unpacked from my trip to PantheaCon today busy.

Those of you waiting on me for stuff… I’m so sorry.

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Anonymous asked: You're the only person in the Kemetic community who works with netjeri and posts about them (besides those two otherkin bitches who don't count) and I'm wondering if you will post more stuff on them? Also how can I get one?


A few things.

1. I am not in support of calling other Kemetics “bitches”. I am fairly certain I know who you are and who you are referring to, and I do not condone your language use here. While one person did snap at me for unknown reasons, that does not warrant calling them a bitch, esp from anon. As for the other person, they called you out on your bad behaviour. That does not warrant the title of bitch, either. We are a community, and we need to treat eachother with respect. The next time you use my ask box, I request that you keep your language respectful. Otherwise, you will find that I won’t answer your asks.

2. Only one of those people IDs as an otherkin. Not to mention that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an otherkin. Please keep all bashing out of my inbox.

As for your actual question…

I haven’t written much about netjeri because I don’t have much to write. I have minimal experience with them, and there hasn’t been much to say. I am open to writing about them, but it’s really a matter of me collecting more data so that I actually have something new to say about them.

That being said, I don’t know how you can get one. I found mine while meandering in the Duat. I fed it, and it continued to stay with me. And when I left the Duat, he (I call it a he) came with me.

Some things I’ve learned?

  • He can change sizes. Sometimes he’s really big, other times he’s about the size of a dog.
  • He acts an awful lot like a dog.
  • He can be personable, and is safe to have around children. However, if he decides he doesn’t like you, his form shifts, and he will kick your ass.
  • He eats. A lot. His size can vary depending on how much you feed him. Also varies depending on the plane you are in.

I know that @satsekhem got her netjeri from Sekhmet, and I just happened to find mine. I don’t know what other methods are viable, nor do I know whether you need to access the Duat, or get in good with a NTR to get a netjeri. I imagine that if you’re meant to have one, you will find one in time.

TL;DR: Don’t call people bitches in my inbox. I plan on writing more about netjeri as soon as I learn more. And I don’t know how to get a netjeri, I got lucky when I found mine.

Devo is definitely not the only Kemetic who works with Netjeri.

Here are some other Kemetics who work with netjeri:

Inibmutes, who places netjeri in her shen necklaces.

Imyutimuti, who works with two scorpion netjeri.

Shezep, who works with a Netjeri/ka/??? of Heru-sa-Aset.

Heruakhetymose, who has a travel/protection netjeri to whom he makes daily offerings.

Myself, who places netjeri in her protective plushes.

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I have yarn, and I want to do Kemetic craft things with it, but don’t know what to make.

Animal netjeri plushies.

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I don’t call myself a reconstructionist, because to me, being called a reconstructionist implies building something back to what it was - like putting legos together, or putting something broken back together. I don’t think we can. And I also don’t think we should.

I call myself a revivalist. I’m putting life back into a thing. I’m not trying to find out what the ancients did; I’m trying to find out why they did it.

Tamara Siuda on her interview with Wyrd Ways.
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My vernal equinox (which is a Hethert day) is going to be a day of fresh fruit parfaits. I’ll take one down to the square near work and enjoy the beauty in Her springtime rays.

Ankh’s not done drying yet


But it looks like a fucking cookie.

Next up: Baking Kemetic symbol cookies! I want to bake Ma’at cookies and Ankh cookies for my altar offerings.

Oh my gods, that is the literal best idea. HAVE THE IMAGINARY POINTS!

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"Go to the ocean," She said. "Stand up for yourself." She said.

Well here I am, Lion Lady. I am a rock being beaten by wind and wave into find sand.

I hope this sand will be useful to You, Sekhmet. Because I’m tired of being beat upon.


Good to know I am not the only one she told to go to the ocean.

I don’t even know what She wanted anymore. Metaphorical ocean? The literal one? The one surounding the Island?

Because I’ve had some shenans in real life mirroring things at the Island, though I didn’t go to the literal ocean because it so cold out here and my schedule has been godawful.

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