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Hey, just looking for some resources of Kemetic way of living. I’m from Boston, MA. I suck at resaerching things. So please, books, webistes, forums, whatever. It looks very interesting.





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Oh, I forgot to mention here: back from the long trip, slowly sorting things out again. Hello!!

I’m home and it is squishy here.

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So after doing some thinking, I decided that I want to begin working with Ptah.  I’ve read about him since I was a little kid, but I have never actually opened a shrine for him.  For whatever reason, statues of Ptah seem to be hard to come by (and that aren’t really expensive), so I made my own.  You know how kids make pics of their parents and give them to them excitedly even though the pictures are wonky misshapen stick figures?  Yeahhhhhhh. xD  But I’m actually pretty happy with how it came out; the base is a sandstone block, and I glued some small sticks and a chunk of iron I found to the base - figured Ptah might like a shrine of all the main craft materials, clay„stone, wood, and metal!  Now to find some appropriate beer for offerings…

*delighted squeal!*

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A Short Mythology Lesson for Sora and Xanadu

Why did the year vanish?

In short, it was Djehuty who did it. That wily ibis, that sly baboon. He took a bet out against the moon, Khonsu. A proud god, Khonsu did not think He could be bested in Senet, His favorite game. But Djehuty is a god of wisdom and trickery: any game is His to command. Djehuty won the game, and in turn, a favor from Khonsu.

But why was Djehuty playing the game?

A prophecy had been revealed: Ra’s throne would pass down to the child of the sky, Nut, and the earth, Geb. Not one to be outdone, Ra cursed Nut: on no day of the year could she give birth to Her child. Nut wept, Her belly and pain grew and grew - for the sky goddess was not mother of one, but five.

No one knows why Djehuty worked in Nut’s favor. Did He pity Her pain? Did He see the wisdom in producing Ra’s heir? Did He do this according to some hidden plan?

Djehuty’s favor from Khonsu was this: give me the light of the moon, light enough to make five days. Khonsu did so, and in turn gave birth to the phases of the moon, for it no longer had perfect light. On the last moment of the last day of the year, Djehuty threw his stolen days into life, disrupting the world. Ra was furious, for He had promised Nut no days of the year, but His vizier had out done Him. Djehuty’s days were outside of any year.

So Nut gave birth to Her five children. First to Wesir, who would become King on Earth, and later King in Death. Second to Heru the Elder, a great warrior and champion of ma’at. Next to Set, great of chaos and change, protector of Ra. Fourth to Aset, the greatest magician to ever live, the Queen and power behind Wesir. Finally to Nebthet, Who provides comfort and healing to the dead and those who mourn.

And so between the last day and the first, Kemetics celebrate five days belonging to no year, giving honor to the children of Nut and Geb.


One question though: I have some new people around my varying social media (TY Nerdfighters, Zeldathoners, and Kemetics all). I wanted to do an updated about me.

Is there anything I should include that I might not consider?

This is my main, so if you think of something, rsvp

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Zeldathon will enter its sixth and final day at 4pm Eastern. We will enter that day having raised over 74,000 dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Zeldathon is two main series games and a number of bonus games away from finishing EVERY game within the Zelda Franchise.

Every donation goes directly to St. Jude. Please donate with us: every dollar counts. As we wrapped up The Wind Waker, we raised nearly $2000 entirely in $10 and $5 donations!

Please share the marathon with your friends, your favorite celebs, and everyone else!

Every share increases the fundraising ability of our team, and our chance to reach our $100,000 goal!

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It’s time for Zeldathon!

Twice a year my friends host a charity marathon centered around the Legend of Zelda franchise! Our large group run through the entire Zelda series in a five day marathon, taking on silly challenges to earn donations.

Last marathon we earned over $54,000 for charity; a total of over $215,000 has been raised the past four years for eight charitable organizations.

Zeldathon begins at 4PM Eastern, and will run until 4pm Eastern on the 16th, provided all donation goals are met. Money goes directly to St. Jude through their new Play Live system.

I really hope to see some of you there! Even if you don’t have the funds to donate, please share our efforts with others. Spreading the word helps bring in more donations for St. Jude! :3

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What if the reason Ptah wears mummiform is because His body is nothing but the void of the Nun, of limitless potential, underneath. All He needed to create were His senses, His hands, His lips.

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my incessant question asking continues!!! 

kemetics who get periods- do y’all do rituals while you’re on your period?

i did one today without realizing i was on it until halfway through, and in the divination session i had immediately afterward both cards i got suggested purification oops

question for answer thingy?

I’ve done my thinking on this, and I have decided that, for me, purity comes from the gods. As long as I am physically washed, and purified with blessed salt-water, I am pure.

However, for rituals that specifically exclude those who are menstruating, such as Senut and increasingly fewer and fewer formal KO rituals, I do not participate.

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